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Visual novel, point-and-click, and rhythm game

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RELEASE: Dec 16, 2022

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On the retro-futuristic planet of Felmuria lives a little girl named Felicity Rue. Despite living in destitution, she dreams of becoming the most famous tap dancer in the galaxy! The Fantastic Kitty Rue is a blend of visual novel, point-and-click, and rhythm game!
// Explore 1920s and art nouveau-inspired stylized environments while searching for objects to enhance your performance!
// Converse with the unique residents of this alien world!
// Perform fun dances to swing tunes as your quest for fame begins!
// Avoid capture by Green Star, an energy company seeking to use child labor in their factories!
Similar to: "Grim Fandango", "Sam and Max" and "Nancy DreW"
  • PROJECTED DISTRIBUTION: Steam (Epic, Apple Store and Android at a later date)
  • EXPLORE: 5 unique locations to explore
  • MINIGAMES: 6 rhythm minigames
  • CREATED BY: Ink Rose Inc., in collaboration with Studio Syndicat and TYM Studio

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