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~ Characters ~

A recent graduate of Floros University with a BA in zoology, Mariposa is at a strange crossroads in her life. She feels content working at her Aunt Dawn's animal rehab center, but can’t help feeling like she’s earthbound and unable to take flight--both metaphorically and literally. She’s half-human, so thus far has been unable to go through metamorphosis and gain wings like the other people of her planet. She wonders if she’ll ever gain them, or if she’ll only be relying on her 0G abilities to help control her flight path for the rest of her life.
Her parents are both career marines in the joint Earth-Fluttika military effort to drive away strange star-consuming monsters from the galaxy called the Cavum. Unfortunately, due to the main bulk of the war happening at the far reaches of the Milky Way, both parents are weeks of travel away. Mariposa can only hope that the threat of the Cavum is one she will never have to face.
After crash landing on a Fluttika moon, Alex, a quirky, energetic man with a weird way of looking at the world, is excited to travel through the Milky Way. Alex’s true name is unpronounceable to Mariposa’s tongue. As such, she nicknames him Alex. Naturally extroverted, Alex likes to meet new people and see new places.
He’s a being made up of stars and planets, solar systems and nebulae. He’s a living galaxy on the run from the star-eating monsters threatening the stars as well as Green Star and Supergiant Corp, massive energy companies seeking to capture him and use him for infinite energy. He’s not the only of his kind, but is currently alone, as he had fallen into a black hole and was warped into the Milky Way.


A sweet, shy girl with a kind heart. She loves exploring new worlds, cataloging wildlife, mapmaking, and long-distance flying.

Aunt Dawn

The stren yet kind caretaker of a space animal rescue center who always has a soft spot for the animals or Fluttikans she looks after.


A beautician-in-training who volunteered at the rescue center to use her skills to groom the animals. She's a bit of a beatnik and often waxes poetic about her life.


Works at the rescue center in order to rack up community service hours. He had the choice of either that... or prison time.


The neighbor's kid who loves to hang out at the rescue center. She plays with both the animals and her toys there.

Kitty Rue

A former street kid turned famous multi-talented entertainer. She is known for her swing jazz music composed with her husband, Zindelo.

Interact with additional characters and learn their stories in the final game!

More characters coming! Examples include: Psyquines, unicorn-like aliens with psychic powers originating from their horns; Dracirons, tall dragon-like beings with metal bones and carbon fiber skin; and Lumerine, a race of lemur/cat-like beings with dextrous, strong tails.