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A story-rich stylized 3D platformer set in a galaxy with colorful planets based on different decades of the 1900s. Save space creatures, platform precarious places, solve physics-based puzzles, and interact with fun characters as you zoom across the galaxy to save a man made of stars.
Similar to: "Hat in Time", "Psychonauts" and "Sly Cooper"
  • PROJECTED LEVELS: 20 with five (5) acts, four (4) chapters per act
  • CREATED BY: Ink Rose Inc., in collaboration with Syndicat and TYM Studio

2 Hour Demo

In the demo, Mariposa has a large hub world in the form of an animal rehabilitation center. This large open area will contain collectibles, story bits, interactive animals, and platforming challenges. Within this hub world are four mini-levels to complete, which are represented by big domes in the open area. The domes act as controlled environments for the rehabilitating animals.

Game Play

Gameplay consists of platforming, exploration, helping alien creatures, conversing with characters, and collecting, while also implementing Mariposa’s zero-gravity abilities.
Mariposa can jump, double-jump, sprint, dash in the air, and float! Like all Fluttikans, Mariposa can use the Nectra that flows through her body to activate a zero-gravity state. This will continue her into whatever direction and speed she was at when activated. You can use  zero-gravity to reach new heights and speed forward! Nectra can also be used to make objects and enemies float, which ties into the combat system.
Mariposa and the Galaxy Man Platformer
Combat is mostly puzzle-centered, similar to how Portal handles getting rid of turrets. Mariposa must shoot zero-gravity liquid at attackers. Once they are sufficiently coated, they are put in a zero-gravity state and are able to be manipulated by Mariposa.The goal of combat is to get the enemy trapped or somehow incapacitated using your 0G abilities. Often, there will be some kind of cage or trap to get enemies into.
Mariposa and the Galaxy Man Combat
Each world will have an open HUB area to explore from which the smaller, instanced levels will branch from, similar to Spyro’s system. These areas will contain secondary quests, collectibles to find, and characters to interact with.
Mariposa and the Galaxy Man Exploration
Talking with characters is an important element of the game. Listening to them and helping them with their issues will unlock additional rewards and dialogue.
Mariposa and the Galaxy Man Dialog
There are various types of collectibles for Mariposa to find! From finding lost creatures to collecting patterns, thread and cloth to create new outfits, there is much to find.
  • Galactic Ven: A standardized currency that can be used to buy all manner of things in the market. Not normally found in the wild—but can be given after quests and found in caches.
  • Flutterstars: Little glowing flying bugs that can be found on almost every planet. Certain collectors will pay good Ven for large amounts of them! Flutterstars are counted in the corner of the screen.
  • Fabric & Thread: Can be purchased in shops and online, fabric and thread are components used to craft new clothes. Also can be earned in quests and found in the world.
  • Patterns: Mariposa needs inspiration to make her clothing patterns. Pattern Inspiration can be found in certain locations on different planets or levels.
  • Enamel Pins: Can be bought or found in the world. Pins allow stat modifiers and other fun stuff, like changing power colors.
  • Lost Animals: A few injured and lost animals can be found in levels. When interacting with them, Mariposa will give them medicine and sometimes take them to a med-station.
  • Core Stars: Found at the end of Boss levels, these stars give core abilities and upgrades.
  • Small Stars: Found at the end of most levels and some quests. Certain numbers of them can be used to upgrade powers.
We plan for our music to vary in style widely depending on which planet/time period the player is experiencing. For our demo, we went for a more spacey, synthy vibe to represent the space adventure to come! Both vocal and orchestral tracks will be used.

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