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Created by Ink Rose 

Visual novel, point-and-click, rhythm game

On the retro-futuristic planet of Felmuria lives a little girl named Felicity Rue. Despite living in destitution, she dreams of becoming the most famous tap dancer in the galaxy! The Fantastic Kitty Rue is a blend of visual novel, point-and-click, and rhythm game!
  • PROJECTED RELEASE: Dec 16, 2022
  • PROJECTED DISTRIBUTION: Steam (Epic, Apple Store and Android at a later date)
  • CREATED IN: Unreal 5
  • EXPLORE: 5 unique locations to explore
  • MINIGAMES: 6 rhythm minigames
  • LOOK/FEEL: Handpainted textures (League of Legends style) mixed with character designs similar to the Monster High doll line
  • MECHANICS: Visual novel, rhythm game, point-and-click
  • CREATED BY: Ink Rose Inc., in collaboration with Studio Syndicat and TYM Studio

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3840 × 2160 JPG - Anastasia Snyder (INk ROSE)

Game Creator Quotes

All quotes are from Anastasia Snyder (ink Rose)
“The game is based somewhat on how I used to take tap-dancing lessons as a kid and would put on shows for my parents in front of the fireplace. I’d dance and sing (with, uh, varying levels of quality) alongside my little sisters, and it was definitely a formative experience. At some point I had a ‘magic show’ phase where I’d check out a bunch of ‘magic tricks for kids’ books at the library and try to replicate as many as possible. I’d wear a little top hat and wave a wand while trying to entertain my parents (who, in retrospect, were definitely very bored with all these ‘shows’)."
"As I’ve gotten older and moved on to doing different types of creative work, I thought it would be a nice concept to center a game around that experience you have as a kid where you want to be a movie star or a famous performer, and how confident you are before the world kinda tries to squish that innocent hope out of you. The game is a small celebration of being a kid when the world feels like your playground."
“This game is the only one I can think of that involves a mom, dad, and daughter working together on it. My mom and dad have always been there to encourage me in my creative work, and I love being able to show them how far I’ve gotten thanks to their help.”
"For adults, I hope this story will be a cute little experience that takes them back to those days. For kids, I want it to be something that encourages them and is ultimately a fun story to play through for them.”
“My friend, Caius Nelson, who runs Studio Syndicat, is a skilled Unreal Engine dev who partnered with me to create Kitty Rue. Since my brain unravels at the mere mention of coding, it was his expertise and support that made this game even possible. He’s also the one that helps reign back and edit my ideas to actually be possible.”
“It was my littler sister, who runs a YouTube channel called ‘ColorPlanetCrazy’, who made the music for both ‘Kitty Rue’ and our previous game demo, ‘Mariposa and the Galaxy Man’. She’s super talented and really likes creating unique, fun tracks as well as releasing her own albums as personal projects.”
“Erin Kelley (crankycorvid) is the newest member of our team and helped immensely with environment art. Her talent in 3D and painting has made it possible for us to finish the explorable environments on time!”

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