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~ Planets ~


Each Planet = a New 1900s Decade

The Milky Way of Mariposa’s universe is a setting where, after years of technological advancement, human kind made contact with sapient alien species. Curiously, these species seemed to have cultures and sensibilities similar to those of decades past. Increased ease of access to space travel led to many of these cultures and species mixing and starting families together across the cosmos. As the most technically advanced planet, Earth became a hotbed of innovation and a melting pot of all kinds of peoples.
The following planets are the only ones currently planned for the game, although others are referred to in the story!


a 70s themed planet
An alien world of giant flowers, butterfly folk, and a special blue nectar called Nectra which allows objects and creatures to float in 0G! Fluttikans have two hearts, one that pumps blood, and the other that pumps 0G nectar throughout their body.


a 20s themed planet
Felmuria is known for being host to the Lumerine people, a race of lemur/cat-like beings with dextrous, strong tails which are used to hang from branches, support their body weight, balance, and swing from tree to tree.


a 30s themed planet
A world covered mostly by water and swamps, Cajime locals tend to do things the old fashioned way. The Jarmane are an amphibious people made from sweet-smelling slimes, and the Flista, are a humanoid species similar to dragonflies.


a 40s themed planet
Noivesse is home to the Psyquine, unicorn-like aliens with psychic powers originating from their horns. Psyquine build their large metropolises within the massive crystal caverns within the planet, mostly due to the surface being so bitterly cold.


a 50s themed planet
The planet on which the Draciron reside-- tall dragon-like beings with metal bones and carbon fiber skin. They’re exceptionally tough yet extremely good-natured.The fauna species of Allocur almost all tend to be metallic in structure.


Cyberpunk future themed
Far into the future, Earth’s technology has grown substantially, bringing both progress and disaster. As such, humans have a reputation in the galactic community of being a species of cyborgs and techno-wizards.