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~ The Team~


Ink Rose (Anastasia Snyder)

Ink Rose™ (Anastasia Snyder) is the founder of Ink Rose, Inc. She is a successful Digital Illustrator, Voice Actress, and Online Video Producer. She is a graduate of The Art Institute with a Bachelors Degree in Game Art & Design. An artist, writer, and voice actress, she is well-known for multiple narrated stories she has created for her YouTube audience of over 100,000 subscribers. She co-produced, “Behind the Beta”, which features interviews with various “unsung heroes” in the video game industry. Ink Rose was the Audience Hostess for the Healthcare Games Showdown™ and the XR Showdown™ live-stream shows.

Caius (Jonathan) Nelson

Caius (Jonathan) Nelson is the founder of Studio Syndicat. He regularly creates Unreal support tools, such as the Omega Framwork (used by 8,000 game developers), Assembly, a modular character creator, and more. He is a former intern for Texas Children’s Hospital where he worked on the world’ first at-home care video game, “Therapon” during the Healthcare Games Showdown™. He is currently finishing his degree.

Kari Snyder, MFA

Kari Snyder, MFA, is a Digital Media Executive, Producer and Professor.  Creator of the published video games, “Therapon: Hydration Station™”, an AR mobile title, and “The Elements Club: Unity Match®”, a browser match-3 title. She is the Creator and Executive Producer of the Healthcare Games Showdown™ and the XR Showdown™ documentaries and events. Over 20 years of published interactive experiences.

Aurora Snyder

Aurora Snyder is a teen music artist who has released two albums on YouTube, “Color in the World” and “Bought a Star Online”. She is going to be acting as the main musical talent on the project.


Paige Guillory

"The VoiceoverPaige"specializes in voicing commercial, animation, and eLearning projects.

Nicky Mondellini

Aunt Dawn
An award-winning international voice actress who speaks Italian, Spanish & English.

Jay Preston

An improv voice-talent who has appeared in the video games Wasteland 3 (Dorsey Brothers)
and Stormland (Riggs)

Artemis Rico

An up-and-coming child actor and voice-talent.

Megan Hensley

Dusk Connors
An actress for over 14 years with appearances in various TV and commercial projects.

Phil Snyder, MFA

Jacob Connors
Former voice of Disney's Jiminy Cricket, most known for his work in the Kingdom Hearts video games.